"Food and Theatre" - show dinner


Restarts with the month of September the show "Food and Theater", intercultural travel between theatrical art and the experience of taste, guests in a Bourbon villa. For this month we present a new and exciting experience, in the cool evenings of September, among the courtyards, the gardens and halls of Villa San Gennariello , you will be the guests of a party to the court of Bourbon, where he will present to you the roumored couple of the Kingdom of Naples: "Ferdinando and Carolina"; dinner show by actor-singer and duo chamber. We will see a comic opera, traveling, charming and irreverent, played by versatile actor singer Salvatore Esposito. The evening will be accompanied with a buffet dinner, based on culinary tradition of Naples inspired by the cuisine of '700. The dates will be the 12, 19 and 26 September, the beginning of the evening at 21:00. Free parking, VFH membership fee is 30.00. Reservations required. INFO: Giovanna 0815742321 / 3394124137, info@idraincoming.com

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