"Napoli Teatro Festival Italia 09"


For the second edition of the Napoli Teatro Festival Italy have hosted international events, some co-produced with festivals and theaters around the world, born of other projects designed and promoted by the Festival, which commit all Italian and foreign artists. Along the lines of many international fringe, this year the festival promotes a parallel dimension to its official program. The Naples Fringe Festival takes its name, the E45, the initials of the road which comes from Northern Europe in Naples. The program this year will respect the environment, following policies of eco-sustainability - to whom the Festival has decided to join from the start, becoming the first Italian festival echo-free - and presenting performances dedicated to the most current environmental issues. Villa San Gennariello B & B, as "Structure Choice for You" from the Napoli Teatro Festival offers visitors in possession of the Napoli Teatro Festival MyCard and only for the period of the event, a discount on overnight stays by 20%. INFO: www.teatrofestivalitalia.it

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