"Herculaneum Archaeological Workshop"


International Workshop on "Heritage Site Management Practices." This international workshop was born from a partnership already in place between the International Center for the Study of Herculaneum and ICCROM (International Center of Studies for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage) with the aim to explore and improve the management practices of cultural sites . The entire event will be hosted by the Center for Studies at Villa Campolieto at Herculaneum and involve specialists from international programs, the Special Superintendent for Archaeological Heritage of Naples and Pompeii, dall'Herculaneum Conservation Project and the public sector and private local and national level. Countries represented include: Albania, Australia, Benin, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Philippines, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Syria, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Jordan, Mali, Mexico, New Zealand , Sri Lanka and the United States.

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